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ABOUT those shortbread cookies....I hear you friends, you want that recipe!!--I've added them to my blog. Buy the basic ingredients and you'll be on your way to baking those sweet buttery morsels that you've been craving!

A new article by Mark Johnson, on Chocolate Tasting, is posted on Isimmer's Chef's Choice.

I'm always looking for people to contribute to the potluck so don't be shy, send me your "dish".

Care to make these Potato Artichoke Cakes? Click here

Interested in roasting your own coffee beans? Here's the best place for roasters and raw beans

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It's a terrible thing when your back-up recipe files fail, especially when you've cleaned up your hard drive to make room for photos. What have I learned from this....don't get organized on a jump drive. This data loss happened over a year and a half ago and I'm sorry to say I've stalled.

I cook every day and love it. But writing recipes for others to follow takes more than one draft. When I put something out there for people to follow I want my ingredient list and directions to be pricise. My recipes need to be trust worthy and acurate. As Chef Mario Batali once said about one of his recipes, "If it works, it is true." So it is.

What I will offer up are the recipes from the calendar for those of you who didn't get a copy in 2006/2007. I'll start to put them up as I get time. With a little push...I vow to keep writing and testing.

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If you're interested in supporting the sustainability movement but don't know where to start here are some links to point you in the right direction:










www.culinate.com I'm a fan of this food site!

Learn to make cheese in your own home! www.cheesemaking.com


Summer's harvest

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More isimmer food photos on flickr Some of the photos even include recipes!

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